In the U.S.A.

SOS Children’s Villages - USA, Inc. has been raising funds and awareness for children in need around the world since 1963. However, it wasn’t until 1993 that SOS Children’s Villages was able to open Villages within the United States itself. Our very first Village in the U.S.A. was in Broward County, Florida. Located in Coconut Creek, the Florida Village has helped to raise hundreds of children since its inception. Currently, SOS Florida cares for seventy-five children and, in addition to our family homes, has a community center, counseling offices, an administration center, and recreational spaces for SOS children and children in the surrounding communities.

Our second U.S.A. Village, also opened in 1993, was built in Lockport, Illinois. The SOS model of care was so successful in Lockport that less than ten years later a second Village opened in Illinois in the Ashburn-Gresham community on the South Side of Chicago (making it the first SOS Children’s Village located in a major urban area!). Both Villages feature community centers, day cares, family support services, and job training classes. We care for one hundred and fifty-three children collectively at the Lockport and Chicago Villages.

In the SOS model, children do not “age out” of care. Instead, they enter transitional programs that help young adults find housing, academic programs, and employment opportunities. Between eighty-five and one hundred percent of SOS children graduate from high school, as compared to fifty percent of foster children in other types of care.