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Aleppo Update (12.15.2016)
As the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo intensifies, SOS Children's Villages continues to do all we can to support children and families in and around the city. We are currently providing daily hot meals for displaced families, medical care for mothers and children and more. Our hearts go out to the many unaccompanied children in this catastrophic situation who are trying to survive in freezing temperatures and under constant violence. 
About the Conflict in Syria

Now its in its sixth year, the Syrian conflict has created a widespread and dire humanitarian crisis for 13.5 million people inside the country—more than half the country's pre-war population. To make matters worse, as many as 4.5 million people in Syria live in hard-to-reach areas, including 400,000 people who live in 15 besieged locations such as Madaya, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Nearly 5 million people are living in desperate conditions as refugees in neighboring countries. About 6.6 million Syrians have been uprooted from their homes and are internally displaced within the country.

The ongoing violence and destruction have led to an acute shortage of food, drinkable water, medical supplies and care. As a result, millions of people face the risk of malnutrition, contracting vaccine-preventable diseases, and even death if they don’t receive proper medical attention..

How the Conflict Impacts Children

There are 5.6 million children inside Syria who are either caught in the line of fire, trapped in poverty or displaced from their home. An additional 2 million children make up about half of the total refugee population. Of the children still in Syria, 2.6 million children are currently not in school; at least a quarter of schools in the country have been either damaged, destroyed or taken over for other purposes, according to the United Nations. 

Read several short stories about Syria's children of war. 

Most importantly, children in crisis always face the greatest risk from food shortages, insufficient medical care and the lack of drinkable water. Beyond lacking basic necessities, these children are forced to deal with severe psychological trauma as a result of witnessing so much death and destruction. 

What SOS Children’s Villages Is Doing to Help
SOS Children’s Villages staff distributed 65,000 winter coats to children and their families - Photo credit: Wissam Bachour
SOS Children’s Villages staff distributed 65,000 winter coats to children and their families - Photo credit: Wissam Bachour

SOS opened our first village in Damascus in 1981, and since then we have helped to raise thousands of children and to provide key support to at-risk families.

Given our longstanding relationships with communities in Syria, we have been able to respond effectively to the needs of children and their families who are trapped within this violent conflict.

In operation since January 2012, our Emergency Relief Program provides vulnerable children and their families with food, shelter, medical and psychological care, and educational and recreational activities.

Through the Emergency Relief Program, we have directly impacted the lives of nearly 300,000 Syrian children and their family members, many of whom have been forced from their homes and remain in dire need of humanitarian aid.


How You Can Make a Difference Right Now


Please give generously today. The children in Syria need your compassion.



SOS Children’s Villages currently runs a village in Damascus, helping to raise roughly 120 children. By supporting this village, you help provide the love, health, education and supportive home that these children need.


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