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Norwegian actor Sven Nordin with his sponsor child in CV Quetzaltenango
Norwegian actor Sven Nordin with his sponsor child in CV Quetzaltenango. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Helle Aasand)
First, thank you so much for supporting our children through sponsorship. As you already know, sponsorship is equally as rewarding for donors as it is for the children we serve. Our goal is to connect even more sponsors with children, so that no child is left without this meaningful relationship.

SOS is therefore looking for volunteers to help recruit new sponsors to build a strong system of support and life-long relationships with our individual children. Sponsorship brightens the lives of our kids and helps us provide ample support to our Villages.

As a Sponsorship Ambassador, you will be a part of a dedicated group of individuals who have made it their goal to engage their family, friends and community around children in SOS Children’s Villages globally. We have developed a toolkit to help you get started and are always accessible to Ambassadors who need assistance reaching their goals.

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