SOS Sunflower Schools

As an SOS Sunflower School, your students will give a voice to children around the world who may be affected by violence, poverty, or maltreatment. Your students will learn how to become engaged citizens who are globally aware, and will benefit from service-learning in the classroom. Sign up below to receive your SOS Sunflower School Packet today!

What is an SOS Sunflower School? 

SOS Sunflower Schools are places that foster the growth of children by introducing them to new countries and cultures. The symbol of these schools is the sunflower because children all around the world grow tall and thrive when they have the proper care, nutrition, and sunlight. The color yellow signifies happiness, optimism, and positive energy – feelings that all children deserve.

Ways to become an SOS Sunflower School

  • Host a Sunflower Festival with your classroom or school using ideas and tips in the SOS Sunflower School Packet;  

  • Use activity sheets and coloring pages in the SOS Sunflower School Packet to promote global awareness and discuss challenges facing children around the world;  

  • Host an international festival, fundraiser, or activity of your choice using the guidance and expertise of  SOS-USA to help you; and/or,  

  • Become a classroom sponsor of an SOS child or Village and change a life forever. 

Becoming an SOS Sunflower School not only raises awareness for vulnerable children around the world, but it also offers an opportunity for your students to increase their knowledge, critical thinking, social engagement, and creativity skills.


Need ideas? Request our SOS Sunflower School Packet.

This packet…  

  • Provides your classroom with a path towards global awareness by engaging students around themes of family, care, and home;  
  • Contains delicious and easy recipes from around the world to help you celebrate different heritages at your Sunflower Festival;  
  • Helps to guide discussions about how children in different cultures grow up, how children in your classroom relate to others who are different from themselves, and issues facing children around the world; and,  
  • Enhances your students’ creativity with instructions on how to make sunflower costumes, how to vocalize their musical talents with sunflower songs, and with other art activities that are sure to be a hit in your classroom

Become an SOS Sunflower School!

Request more information on how to become an SOS Sunflower School and receive your packet by filling out the information below. This packet is best suited for children from preschool to second grade.