10 Heroes for Children in 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we celebrate our SOS colleagues around the globe—our heroes—who make a difference every day in the lives of vulnerable children.
Abeer Pamuk

Hero: Abeer Pamuk, SOS field reporter
Location: Syria
Superpowers: Abeer has the courage and commitment to tell the untold stories of children in Syria who have seen their childhoods stolen from them by the long and brutal war.  


Heroes: Hasbro employees, SOS corporate partners
Location: Worldwide
Superpowers: Since 2009, Hasbro employees have given their time and talent in over 20 countries where they work with SOS children. They have built toy libraries and given generously in times of crisis, including their recent support of a Mobile PlayBus that is delivering critical supplies, games and play activities to refugee children along the migrant routes in Europe.

Klubo Mulbah

Hero: Klubo Mulbah, Physician’s Assistant
Location: Liberia
Superpowers: For the past seven years, Klubo has provided quality medical care to vulnerable children and families at the SOS Health Clinic in Monrovia, Liberia. Even when the country was beset by Ebola, she never stopped caring for children in need.

Lori & Megan

Hero: Lori and Megan, SOS Village Sponsors
Location: Ohio, United States
Superpowers: Through their own initiative to sell SOS-branded candles at trade shows, Lori and Megan have raised enough money to sponsor two SOS Villages, with a third soon to come in 2016. Their sponsorship helps provide orphaned and abandoned children with a loving home, quality education—and most importantly, the chance at a bright future.

Maria Alicia Prado

Hero: Maria Alicia Prado, SOS Mother
Location: Sucre, Bolivia
Superpowers: For the past 22 years, Maria has demonstrated her selfless dedication to caring for orphaned and abandoned children at the SOS Children’s Village in Sucre, Bolivia.

Menelaos Tsaoussis

Hero: Menelaos Tsaoussis, head of the SOS Social Center
Location: Athens, Greece
Superpowers: Menelaos provides much-needed support and guidance to families who are suffering from the prolonged and severe economic crisis in Greece. The SOS Social Center is sometimes the only support that these families receive, and under his leadership, he has helped hundreds of children and their families live a life with dignity.

Nathalie Nozile

Hero: Nathalie Nozile, SOS alumna
Location: Florida, United States
Superpowers: Growing up at an SOS Children’s Village in Haiti, Nathalie overcame difficult circumstances to become a successful family law attorney in Florida, where she specializes in defending the rights of at-risk children. Nathalie has also worked to implement child-protection policies in Haiti as a Jolie Legal Fellow for the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. 

Shankar Pradhananga

Hero: Shankar Pradhananga, SOS National Director
Location: Nepal
Superpowers: With SOS for 35 years, Shankar has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment and compassion to children in Nepal. During the Nepal earthquake, he managed the SOS emergency relief program for the victims of the earthquake. Thanks to him and his staff, thousands of children and their families have received—and continue to receive—shelter, food and medical care.

Sindy Hadebe

Hero: Sindy Hadebe, SOS Mother
Location: Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Superpowers: For the past 19 years, Sindy has helped raise dozens of orphaned and abandoned children at the SOS Children’s Village in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Because of Sindy, her children have received the education, love and support they need to grow into successful, independent adults.

Svetlana Tuntueva

Hero: Svetlana Tuntueva, Coordinator of SOS families
Location: Lugansk, Ukraine
Superpowers: Svetlana helps children who are affected by the conflict in Ukraine feel protected, supported and stable. Through her counseling, children are able to express and develop their feelings, foster trust, and build confidence.