A Bedtime Story:
The Rooster and The Parrot

As told by Mariyash, SOS Mother in Kazakhstan

Read this story with a child in your life this holiday season — and help spread warmth and love from our SOS family to yours.

Rooster & Parrot

Once upon a time, the rooster was thought of as the most beautiful and the most elegant of all the animals and birds in the forest.

He looked down on the other animals. Even the way he walked showed how vain he was.

His only friend was the poorly dressed parrot.

Rooster & Parrot 2

One day the parrot said to the rooster: "My friend, today I am going to a party. Please can I borrow your beautiful clothes for the evening?"

"I can't go dressed like this! Everybody knows I am your friend, and they will make fun of me for looking so shabby."

Rooster & Parrot 3

The rooster, trusting the parrot, took off his beautiful feathers and gave them to his friend. The feathers fit the parrot perfectly. He was such a handsome bird wearing them.

Rooster & Parrot 4

The parrot told the rooster when he would be back. "If I am late, call me as loudly as you can!" the parrot instructed as he flew off.

The night wore on and the parrot didn’t return. The rooster called louder and louder, but it was no use. The parrot was never heard from again.

Rooster & Parrot 5

And since that day, the rooster continues to shout "cock-a-doodle-doo, cock -a-doodle-doo," from morning until night in search of the parrot with his lost clothes.

This is one of Mariyash’s favorite stories. Mariyash has been an SOS Mother for 10 years in Astana, Kazakhstan. She has raised 12 children, including eight who are now independent adults and four who are still under her care.

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