SOS USA: Bringing Families Together

Young Freddie with his mentor
Freddie, age 10, with his mentor.
Before coming to SOS Children’s Villages, Freddie and his three sisters were separated and placed in different foster homes. The distance made it difficult for them to be a part of each other’s lives. But at seven years old, that changed when Freddie was finally reunited with his sisters at SOS Children’s Villages in Coconut Creek, Florida.


Growing up in the Village and seeing many other brothers and sisters reunited at SOS, Freddie realized how lucky he and his sisters were to have a place to grow up together. To this day, Freddie shares that SOS is the place where he discovered the deep connection and meaning of family.

Freddie, now 24, has fulfilled his dreams of going into law enforcement and is a Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy. His ceremony was made even more special when his SOS mentor Michael Davis, who has been beside him since childhood, stood up to pin his new badge on his uniform.


Freddie today becoming a Sherif's Deputy
Freddie today becoming a Sherif's Deputy.
The importance of family has stayed with Freddie. In 2010, his four-year-old nephew Anthony needed a home. Rather than allow Anthony to go into foster care as he had, Freddie opened up his own home. He takes his parental role very seriously and plays an active role in his education.


And, his family is still growing. This past year, he formally adopted his nephew and welcomed his daughter Gisele into the world. His newfound role as a father is not without sacrifices, but it is extremely rewarding to Freddie: he cherishes and caring for the next generation of his family.

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