Family Strengthening Programs

When parents are unable to pay for the basic necessities their children need (such as medical and school bills, food, clean water, or electricity), children are at much greater risk of being abandoned. To prevent child abandonment, SOS Children’s Villages has implemented family strengthening programs around the world to provide support to families who need it most. Oftentimes these families are single parent households, have been affected by HIV/AIDS, or face serious financial disadvantages. Through these programs SOS aims to keep families together, while at the same time building safe environments for children to thrive in.

In the short term, SOS supplies families in need with economic support to help send children to school, provide the family with medical services, or buy healthy meals for their children. For families that have been trapped in vicious cycles of poverty and desperation, longer term options are available, wherein micro-loans, vocational classes, and counseling are provided to parents. These long term programs give families the tools to they need be successful, and they enable parents to provide for their families on their own, keeping families together.