#TeamSOS: Lolita's Story
#TeamSOS: Lolita's Story
Selfless, dedicated and passionate. These are just a few words to describe 16-year-old Lolita.

Born in Turkmenistan and currently living in Wisconsin, Lolita dedicates most of her extracurricular time to managing her club, Project Somalia, which has recently raised over $2,000 for SOS Children's Villages in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Lolita is drawn to the idea of helping others in need, and although she has never visited Somalia, she is very interested in the country’s culture, food, and customs.

“Before starting Project Somalia, I knew that I wanted to help children in need. I was dedicated to [SOS Children’s Villages] and wanted to raise as much money possible,” Lolita said.

Lolita’s favorite class in school is African Studies, which has furthered her connection to Somalia. Including Lolita, there are 10 high school students who have joined the club. 
The logo Lolita created for her Somalia Club at school.
To start raising money through Project Somalia, her club began by hosting bake sales. Wanting to make a larger impact and with the help of local donors, Project Somalia held its first charity dinner this past winter at the high school. The high school group sold tickets to the event, hosted a silent auction, and passed around a donation box to attendees.

The evening was filled with Somali culture and food, and a local Somali businessman spoke at the charity dinner to give an insight into life in his native country.

To learn more about SOS programs in Somalia, visit our Somalia Country Page.

You can spread awareness and support programs with critical needs around the world in your high school, too. Learn more by contacting the Coordinator of Community Outreach at volunteer@sos-usa.org or by calling 202-347-7922.

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