Nepal Earthquake: A Firsthand Experience
Nepal Earthquake: A Firsthand Experience
As reported by SOS-Nepal staff on April 26, 2015.
KATHMANDU, Nepal—Bhakatapur has been battered to dust. Almost all the houses are closed and people are in open places. When we were walking around the Durbar Square (pictured above) visiting camps, a tremor measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale hit for half a minute. In front of us the palace wall crumbled down. We could hardly save our lives.

There are around 17 camps in open places in the city. There's no supply of food and tents in these camps. People are just managing the situation with plastic sheets. Public traffic has been completely halted. There's a rush for food packages distributed by the Nepal Red Cross society. Even the chief district officer doesn't have clear data regarding casualties and loss of property.

Everybody is busy with recue and medical treatment. The government hospitals and health centres are crowded with wounded and dead. In most of the camps the doctors from the Nepalese and Indian Army are trying their best to provide immediate treatment. But this service has not been enough to meet the need there.   

The supply of firewood for cremation has been short. The forestry department is trying its best for to supply more cremation firewood.

In this time of emergency there's an acute need for food and medical supplies. SOS Nepal can put its best efforts into this in cooperation with the local Red Cross. The volunteer team from SOS Nepal has planned for relief work in cooperation with the local Red Cross, to begin Monday.

SOS-USA has established an emergency fund to provide children and families in Nepal with the medical care, food and shelter they need to cope with this devastating earthquake. Click here to make a contribution.