11-Year-Old Girl to sing 80 National Anthems in 80 Countries
11-Year-Old Girl to sing 80 National Anthems in 80 Countries
Capri Everitt is on a mission to sing 80 national anthems in 80 countries. Her mother, father and 8-year-old brother are making the yearlong journey with 11-year-old Capri to raise awareness and support for orphaned and abandoned children. Some of the countries in which Capri has performed so far include: Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Australia. In each country where there’s an SOS Village, Capri and her family will visit the children at the village.

SOS-USA Community Outreach Coordinator, Amanda Moore, caught up with the family, who live in Vancouver, Canada, while they were in New York for a performance Capri was giving at Carnegie Hall in December 2015.

What motivated you to do 80 Anthems?

Capri: Well we read books and I heard stories about orphaned and abandoned children. Then we found SOS Children’s Villages and I knew I wanted to help them because I love the idea of building a village and I thought it was amazing. I love to sing so I thought to myself, “Why don’t I use my voice to help?” And, you know, some kids may not know famous pop songs but we all know the national anthem. So I would sing the national anthem.

What has been your favorite part so far on the trip?

Kerrie (Capri’s mother): I think my favorite part of the trip so far has been actually being able to interact with the local people. When we went to the SOS Village in the Dominican Republic, it was really amazing to see the reception that we got. All the kids, how welcoming they were to Capri and Bowen (Capri’s brother) and to our whole family. Also it’s amazing to see how excited people are when Capri sings the national anthem. When we run into people from all over the world from different places, they are so excited when Capri sings a piece of their national anthem and they feel like it’s a piece of their home.

What were your thoughts about the SOS Village in the Dominican Republic that you visited?

Capri: It was an amazing place. The children were so nice and welcoming and they loved it when I sang their national anthem. They loved it when I sang. And I got to see how one kid played the piano. It was amazing.

Tom (Capri’s father): When we drove through the Dominican Republic, we were passing some areas that were really quite shocking as far as the level of poverty. Then we came across the SOS Village and…it was just working. It was a great environment. The kids were friendly, and they seemed well adjusted and everybody was positive. You could just see that the whole point of having the SOS Village… it was working. We interviewed the kids, spoke to the kids, and it was just great.

Kerrie: What struck me was how affectionate and happy the children seemed. They really did seem to feel like they had a real home. Bowen (the official blogger of the trip) interviewed two boys and asked them how many brothers and sisters they had. And Capri also interviewed a girl they and asked her the same question and she said, “Eight.” That was the number of SOS children living in the home of this girl, one of the SOS workers told us later. So she really felt as if those were her real siblings. That was really cool.

Bowen: They were moving their feet around and they were like “Football!” and I was like “Oh… like, football, football? Or Soccer?” and they said “Football!” I was like “Okay… soccer!” because in most countries they call it “football” and not “soccer.”

Capri Everitt and her family are donating the money they fundraise on this trip—nearly $20,000 so far—to SOS Children’s Villages. To support Capri on her journey, please visit her SOS Fundraising Page

To learn more about Capri, her family and their journey, visit the family’s website at http://www.aroundtheworldin80anthems.com/