WATCH VIDEOS: Five Years Later - SOS Children's Villages and the Haiti Earthquake
WATCH VIDEOS: Five Years Later - SOS Children's Villages and the Haiti Earthquake

New SOS Children's Villages in Les Cayes, Haiti to Support Orphaned and Abandoned Children 

On January 10, 2015, SOS Children's Villages is set to inaugurate a new SOS Village in Les Cayes, in the south of Haiti, five years after the devastating earthquake. The village will provide a loving, stable environment for orphaned and abandoned children. It will include 14 family houses, an administration area, a house for the SOS ‘aunts’ [who help look after the children] and another for visitors.

Strengthening families and communities in Haiti

Severe food security and a lack of resources in Haiti affects 200,000 people every day and 100,000 children suffer from malnutrition. SOS Children's Villages offers help to families at risk; offering, vocational training and parenting classes for parents, pre-school and kindergarten, food and educational bursaries.  SOS provides opportunity for both the child and the parent by offering aid and education and a chance to grow.

In Search of the 33 Children 

After the devastation of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, families were left with nothing. There were no places to sleep, nothing to eat and no schools for the children. Missionaries came and offered a better place for the children to live, offering food, education and protection.  It was rumored that the missionaries had kidnapped the children but the truth was far from that.  

The missionaries were offering a better life and opportunity for these children.  SOS welcomed these children and gave them the security they needed.  After the earthquake, SOS Children's Villages cared for over 700 children and built temporary accommodations for all the children because their current facilities were inadequate. A second challenge SOS faced was reuniting the children with their parents. Even after reuniting the children with their families SOS continues to support the children with education and aid.

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