Children in Syria Draw Their Hopes and Dreams for 2017
Children in Syria Draw Their Hopes and Dreams for 2017
DAMASCUS, Syria—Children at the SOS Village in Damascus were asked to draw answers to a simple question: what do you wish for in 2017?

The children at the SOS Village were all in need of parental care before moving in with an SOS Family. Some have lost their families in the war; others have been separated from them.


“I wish to have my own home with a very beautiful garden around it.”


“I wish the war ends in Syria; we will have a party to celebrate peace.”


“I wish I could live with my family next year in a very lovely home.”


“I wish I could live beside a river in the forest, and build a small bridge so that I can go to the other bank of the river.”


“I wish there will be nice streets after the war in Syria [like] the ones we see in the television.”


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Now in its its sixth year, the Syrian Civil War has left millions of children displaced from their homes, caught in the line of fire and trapped in poverty
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