IN PICTURES: SOS Families Celebrate Ramadan
IN PICTURES: SOS Families Celebrate Ramadan

Before diving into the pictures, we asked our colleagues at the SOS Village in Lahore, Pakistan, to answer the question: What is Ramadan? This is what they said:

Traditionally, Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is synonymous with faith, abstinence, prayer and a sense of community for Muslims across the globe. All over the world Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan, which is considered to be one of the five Pillars of Islam. It is the month of giving and benevolence. During this blessed month, social solidarity between the rich and the poor is of great value. However, most importantly, Ramadan is about appreciating family relations and strengthening them through small actions.

SOS Village in Lahore, Pakistan

Two SOS children show off the presents they received during a special shopping trip with the village director of SOS Lahore and their SOS mother.

SOS children in Lahore get ready to go to the mosque.

SOS Village in Bethlehem, Palestinian Territories

SOS families prepare for Iftar, the traditional breaking of the daylong Ramadan fast. (Photo credit: Ben Kuhlmann)

An SOS child at the SOS village in Bethlehem smiles for the camera during Iftar. (Photo credit: Ben Kuhlmann)

Children at the SOS village in Bethlehem indulge in some potato-sack racing. (Photo credit: Ben Kuhlmann)

SOS Village in Akouda, Tunisia

SOS families at the village in Akouda enjoy an Iftar meal during Ramadan.

SOS children at the village in Akouda are treated to a magic show.

SOS Village in Damascus, Syria

The SOS staff at the village in Damascus celebrate with an SOS child who just received a new gift.

An SOS child at the village in Damascus shows off his new action figures that he received during Ramadan.

SOS Village in Irbid, Jordan

SOS families prepare to enjoy Iftar, the daily breaking of the daylong fast during Ramadan.