#TeamSOS: Lori and Megan
#TeamSOS: Lori and Megan
During the week, Lori Pawlowski edits a physics journal and her daughter, Megan, is celebrating summer before entering the 6th grade.

But in their spare time, Lori and Megan are two of the most creative supporters of SOS Children’s Villages.

Lori’s SOS story starts with Uzbekistan. She adopted her son from there and was looking to help children in Uzbekistan who didn’t have a family. She learned that SOS has three SOS villages in Uzbekistan for orphaned and abandoned children and decided to sponsor a child from one of them.

“I felt an immediate connection to SOS’s unique family model, which consists of multiple families living within a village and interacting closely with the surrounding community,” Lori said recently in an interview with SOS. “As much as I love my son and would never have changed anything, I think he would have benefited immensely from a program like the SOS Children’s Village.”

After receiving updates from her sponsored SOS child in Uzbekistan, Lori was inspired to do even more. Lori and Megan partnered with Prosperity Candle—an organization in Massachusetts that works with resettled refugees and women artisans from the developing world—to make special SOS-branded candles. They then began reselling the candles at craft shows and private parties and donating the proceeds to SOS. Megan even asked guests at her 11th birthday party to buy an SOS candle instead of a giving her presents.

Children playing at SOS Village in Zimbabwe
Kids being kids at SOS Children's Village in Harare, Zimbabwe, one of the two SOS villages that Lori and Megan sponsor.

Through the money they have raised, Lori and Megan have been able to support orphaned and abandoned children by sponsoring SOS Villages in Zimbabwe and Nepal. Lori and Megan said they hope to help even more children by selling another 200 candles by the end of the year.

Lori and Megan make a tremendous impact on the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. SOS Children’s Villages relies on SOS Sponsors like Lori and Megan to help provide loving homes, education and medical care to children at 560 SOS Villages around the world.

Thank you to Lori, Megan and the rest of our SOS Sponsors for their hard work and support! To learn more about Lori’s SOS candles, visit her Facebook page by clicking here.

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