#TeamSOS: Jill the Jeweler
#TeamSOS: Jill the Jeweler
SOS Children’s Villages CEO Lynn Croneberger was shopping at a pop-up jewelry store at an arts festival in New York City when she overheard a conversation the jewelry artist was having with another customer.

The artist, Jill, was selling bracelets made of crystal-like beads, and a portion of proceeds would go toward helping children in need through SOS.

A mother of two who lives in Connecticut, Jill has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember; it’s just something she likes to do. In addition to the beautiful pieces she creates and sells through her company, Riverstone Jewelry, she has found that her art can make a big difference. Jill has enlisted the help of her daughter and her Girl Scouts troop to help make the bracelets. Not only is Jill spreading the message of SOS with these children and their families, she is also raising money to donate to bettering the lives of children worldwide.

She loves to travel and see the world; she’s fascinated by other cultures and wants to instill in her children a respect for the privilege they have been given.
SOS Children's Village Mekelle
Children at SOS Children's Villages Mekelle in Ethiopia, where Jill's sponsored child is growing up. Photo credit: Benno Neeleman

Jill has found a way to remind her son and daughter of this by making bracelets with them and using the opportunity to teach them about the way other children live. Jill wanted to further this connection by finding a sponsorship program and after a careful search, Jill and her husband decided that sponsoring a child through SOS would be the best fit for their family.

Jill sponsors one child from Ethiopia and another child from the Democratic Republic of Congo, both through SOS’s Sponsorship Program. She also donates a portion of her jewelry proceeds to help children find a loving home and a bright future.

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