INTERVIEW: Inspiring SOS Alumna from South Africa
INTERVIEW: Inspiring SOS Alumna from South Africa
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa—Boni Mnisi, 20, was welcomed into her new SOS family when she was just 18 months old. In the video below, she talks about how she learned to overcome her feelings of abandonment and why she wants to open a 5-star hotel.
Western Union Foundation Supports SOS Children's Villages

With love and long-term support, young people like Boni can shape their own promising futures. Through our family support and care programs, schools, medical centers, and emergency relief efforts, SOS Children’s Villages impacts millions of lives worldwide. #childrenThe Western Union Foundation, a separate §501(c)(3) recognized United States charity supported by The Western Union Company, its employees, Agents, and business partners, works to support education and disaster relief efforts as pathways toward a better future. #educationSpecial thanks to The Western Union Foundation for producing the video!

Posted by SOS Children's Villages - USA on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The video was produced by the Western Union Foundation, a valued corporate partner of SOS Children’s Villages. In September, the foundation announced a $200,000-grant to support educational initiatives run by SOS Children’s Villages in more than a dozen countries in Africa.

There are currently 683 boys and girls growing up at eight SOS Children’s Villages in South Africa. An additional 4,351 people, including 3,207 children, participate in various family-strengthening initiatives aimed at preventing child-family separation among at-risk families.

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