In Pictures: How You’re Helping in Haiti
In Pictures:  How You’re Helping in Haiti
Immediately after Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on Oct. 4, our colleagues at SOS Haiti sprang into action to get relief to those who needed it the most.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we've been able to distribute food packages and hygiene kits; provide free childcare to families who have lost their homes; and start rebuilding SOS facilities damaged by the hurricane.

Below, we show you how your support is helping children and families in Haiti.

Food and Other Essentials

At the SOS Village in Les Cayes, two SOS employees staff members load food onto a truck for distribution to hurricane-affected families.

In southwest Haiti, Hurricane Matthew wiped out most—if not all—the crops on which peasant families relied to feed their children. It will take between four to six months until the next harvest. Until then, these vulnerable families need food and drinkable water, in addition to hygiene kits that will prevent the spread of water-borne diseases. 

Child Friendly Spaces

SOS staff members host games and recreational activities for children at a community center in Les Cayes, Haiti.

More than 90,000 families were left homeless by Hurricane Matthew. Even children who didn’t lose their homes have seen their lives interrupted by the hurricane, with an estimated 116,000 children unable to return to class at schools that have been destroyed or repurposed as shelters. 

The SOS Child Friendly Spaces provide informal education, psychological support and food to these vulnerable children. Because our trained staff are actively engaging with the children throughout the day, their parents are free to return to work or—in the case of families who lost their homes—focus on rebuilding. 

Building Reconstruction

A girl who attends class at the SOS School in Les Cayes peers into her classroom, which had its roof torn off by the hurricane and was flooded.

More than 80,000 homes—in addition to 774 schools—were destroyed or badly damaged by Hurricane Matthew. 

SOS facilities in and around our SOS Village in Les Cayes, Haiti, weren’t spared. Eight of the 12 classrooms at the SOS School in Les Cayes, which serves about 400 primary and secondary students, were damaged by the hurricane. The roofs of homes at the SOS Village in Les Cayes were damaged and leaked water into the homes. 

With donations from our supporters, we’ve started repairing the SOS School and the roofs at the SOS Village. We’re also making repairs to community centers where SOS supports vulnerable families, in addition to schools that SOS constructed following the earthquake in 2010. 

Long-Term Support for Families

A mother and daughter stand in front of their destroyed home, located near the town of Jérémie.

With more than 90,000 families having lost their homes, SOS Haiti plans on expanding its existing Family- Strengthening Program in Les Cayes to meet the increased number of vulnerable families.  

Active in Haiti since 1978, we support vulnerable families across Haiti to prevent child-family separation by empowering families to stay together and grow stronger together. Our Family Strengthening Program in Les Cayes—which serves 137 families and more than 1,000 people—was started in 2012 to help earthquake-affected families.

Children in Haiti Need Your Support

As Haiti struggles to recover from the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew, children are left without food, shelter and access to medical are. 

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