#WhenChildrenDream: Now and Then
#WhenChildrenDream: Now and Then

Jonathan was only 1 year old when he was welcomed into his new SOS family in Nigeria. Because he had been living on the streets, it took him some time to adjust to his new family and environment.

But Jonathan, now 5, has come a long way since then. His SOS family describes him as a lively boy who is always running around making new friends. He is quick-witted and very, very talkative, they say.

Who is Jonathan's best friend at the SOS Village in Gwagwalada, Nigeria, where he lives? That’s easy.

"Penelope is my best sister and I love her very much," Jonathan said recently when he was asked the question by his teacher.

Jonathan was found roaming the homeless and roaming the streets before he joined his new SOS family four years ago at just 1 year old.

Jonathan and Penelope, 3, both attend the SOS Kindergarten in Gwagwalada. At school, his teacher said, she notices that Jonathan is very protective of his sister.

"Whenever anyone offends or tries to disturb Penelope, Jonathan is always quick to run to her aid," she said. "He is always doting over his sister making it very clear to his peers how much he values her as his favorite sister."

Jonathan has adjusted well to his family life at the SOS village, and he loves to go to school. Jonathan is entering his final year of kindergarten, where he and Penelope learn with about 70 other kids. Between the SOS primary and secondary school in Gwagwalada, there another 200 students.

To and from school, Jonathan is often seen walking the short distance hand in hand with Penelope.

*Names changed to protect the privacy of the children.

Special thanks to SOS Children’s Village Gwagwalada for contributing to this story.

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