My SOS Story: Judithe in Haiti
My SOS Story: Judithe in Haiti
Judithe is pictured to the top right of her SOS Mother.
By Judithe, SOS alumna 

Port-au-Prince, HATI—I was 6 years old when my parents died in a car accident. My uncle couldn’t care for me so he took me to the SOS Village in Santo, Haiti. 

There were 19 homes in the SOS Village. I lived in one of them with 10 boys and girls—my new siblings—and my amazing SOS Mother Justine, who has dedicated her life to raising vulnerable children for the past 24 years.

Every night, my SOS Mother spent time with each of us before putting us to bed. We were like any other family. It was a home full of true love.

When I was 18, I moved to an SOS Youth House not far from the SOS Village. We were ten girls from the same SOS Village but had grown up in different homes. They, too, became my sisters even though they were not my biological siblings. Although the youth director was always available to support me and the other girls, I was encouraged to become independent. 

I speak with my SOS brothers and sisters several times per week even today. Many of them are working now, and we often give each other advice. I am also advising my younger siblings who are studying in university. I encourage them to try and get internships before graduating because it will help open the door to other job opportunities.
Judithe Haiti Story
Judithe with her SOS Mother Justine and her SOS Sister Nathalie.

After I graduated from university in 2014, DHL gave a presentation at the SOS Village about their partnership with SOS. I succeeded in getting an internship in the Customs Services and Support Department and then was promoted to a temporary position. But just a month or so ago, I got hired! I now work in Accounts Receivables in the Customs department. I am also looking into online courses to start a master’s degree in accounting. 

I am the girl I am today—confident, caring, and blossoming in life—thanks to SOS, my sponsors, and supporters. I’m really thankful for sponsors who help children like me without even knowing us. They help orphaned children find a home, a family, and help them grow up and have a chance to become someone and to succeed! In short, they save lives. 

Judithe said she often thought of her sponsor while she was studying. “I was sponsored and it was extraordinary that somebody I’d never met helped me move forward in my life.”