Foster Children Can Change the World


Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders through STEM and Beyond 

SOS USA CEO Neil Ghosh writes for Stanford Social Innovation Review


Across the globe, families are crumbling. Violence, poverty and discrimination obstruct parents from providing their children with food, shelter, safety and education—and often leave children with no family to care for them at all.

SOS Children’s Villages’ commitment to long-term care featured on NPR


SOS Children’s Villages’ commitment to long-term care was featured on NPR. The story shows the incredible difference a caring family can make and highlights one of the key pillars of the work we do: building families for children who need them.

Calvin Ridley's journey from SOS child to NFL star


For the NFL's "My Cause My Cleats" campaign this past season, Atlanta Falcons wide receive Calvin Ridley supported SOS Children's Villages Florida.

Surviving the Trauma of Syria’s War


Surviving the Trauma of Syria's War

More than half of Saleh’s 10-year-old life has been about one thing—war. War took his father away leaving behind only a bloody pair of boots. Saleh keeps them in his closet as his only reminder. “How long will the war last?” he wonders. “Will I see my friends again? Would they even recognize me?” 

A Rough Start to Life


A Rough Start to Life

At just four days old, Michael was brought to SOS Children’s Villages Isolo in Nigeria. He was severely malnourished and neglected—weighing less than 3 pounds. Tiny, weak and vulnerable, he had been found in a group of stolen children who were being transported across the country. 

From Homeless to Hopeful


From Homeless to Hopeful

Aisha and Wazo found themselves alone on the street one day. Being only five and four years old, the sisters did not know their way home. They cried out for their mother—but she was gone. They had been abandoned. 

Providing shelter and care for migrant children in Honduras


As hundreds of children are left without parental care after unsuccessful attempts to follow the “migrant caravan” to the Mexico-U.S. border, SOS Children’s Villages Honduras is caring for a growing number of unaccompanied children on a temporary basis. 

Giving thanks for a loving home

11/19/2018:  Barbara’s first day at SOS Children’s Villages was also her 17th birthday. It was the best birthday present, and an immense relief, to finally reunite with her brother, whom she hadn’t seen for months. It was also the day of the village's big Thanksgiving celebration.

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