The Challenges Facing India's Children

India’s economy has seen a dramatic rise, but far too many children are being left behind.

200 million children are living in dire poverty. An estimated 30 million orphaned children still lack the basic building blocks for a bright future: a good education, quality medical care, and
a stable home. In rural areas of India, where about 70 percent of the population lives, only 3.5 percent of children graduate from high school. With a high poverty rate and low literacy rate, these children are left neglected, underfed, and uneducated.


SOS Children's Villages in India

Since the early 1960s, SOS Children’s Villages has been transforming the lives of India’s most vulnerable children. Thanks to our generous supporters, more than 6,000 orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children in India are growing up today in loving, stable homes. In 40 SOS Villages across the country, children grow up in a loving, family environment with access to quality education, medical care, and an individualized care plan that fosters independence.


How You Can Help

You have the power to change the course of a child’s life by sponsoring a boy or a girl in India today. By sponsoring a child in India, you give an orphaned, abandoned, or otherwise vulnerable child the chance at a brighter future, a strong education, and a loving, stable family. Click here to sponsor a child today. 

Today, we are searching for 40 more sponsors to help vulnerable children in India. By spreading the word, you help to raise awareness of the many challenges facing children in India. Check out our Digital Toolkit complete with sample social media posts and graphics to share on your own social media channel.
  • Little Rani's Story: SOS Faridabad, India

    Rani with her Mother and Siblings

    Rani was abandoned at a hospital near New Delhi, India, when she was born. Soon after, Amadi, an SOS Mother at the SOS Village in Faridabad, India, received a phone call: "There's a baby girl who needs your love and care," she was told. And thus began a fresh new start for little Rani.

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  • Harshita's Story: Former SOS Child in India

    Harshita interview

    Harshita’s story is a great example of finding professional success after a rough start in life. She grew up at the SOS Children’s Village in Faridabad and she is now employed at a New Delhi bank.

    Watch Harshita's story
  • Where We Are: 40 villages in India

    India Map

    SOS Children's Villages has been present in India since 1963 and has continued to grow. Since our first village opened over 50 years ago, we have helped thousands of children, young people and families all over India.

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  • A Sponsor Travels to India to Meet His Sponsored Child

    Dag Otto and Soma

    Dag Otto, an accomplished cyclist from Norway, was in central India to visit his sponsored child, Soma. He went to the orphanage to see where she used to live before moving in with her SOS Family.

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  • Supporter Spotlight: A Visit to SOS in India

    Jino George and two of his friends at SOS India

    Jino George and two of his friends recently visited an SOS Village in India while in the country for a wedding.

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