Millions of children in India are born into crisis due to: high child mortality rates, poverty, illiteracy, child labor and human trafficking. There are about 30 million orphaned children in India. Many of them are living in slums or on the streets, working instead of going to school, or not getting enough to eat. Things do not have to be this way. You have the power to #ChangeALife and lift a child out of a world of misery and into a world filled with endless possibilities.

OUR GOAL: Since our campaign started, 45 new sponsors have joined SOS Children's Villages to help vulnerable children in India. We need 40 more sponsors to reach our goal of 85 SOS Sponsors. When you sponsor a child you give an orphaned, abandoned, or otherwise vulnerable child in India the change for a brighter future, a strong education, and a loving, stable family. So, spread the word through your social networks and #ChangeALife.

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Let’s face the challenge together and #ChangeALife of a child in India. Use the hashtag #ChangeALife in all posts to give a voice to the vulnerable chidlren in India and to make the message viral.

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30M children in India are orphaned. Join @SOSChildrenUSA to #ChangeALife of a child for a brighter future: http://bit.ly/29qvknX

Children in India need your help. Join @SOSChildrenUSA to #ChangeALife of a child: http://bit.ly/29qvknX

200M children in India live in dire poverty = population in Italy, France, Germany combined. Join @SOSChildrenUSA #ChangeALife http://bit.ly/29qvknX

I am using my voice to support children in India. You too have the power to #ChangeALife w/@SOSChildrenUSA http://bit.ly/29qvknX


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200 million children in India are living in dire poverty and 30 million of them are orphaned, with little chance for a bright future. @SOSChildrensVillagesUSA is searching for sponsors to help children in India. By sponsoring a girl or a boy in India, you have the power to #ChangeALife of an orphaned, abandoned, or otherwise vulnerable child.

Every child deserves a strong education, quality medical care and a loving, stable family. Learn more to sponsor a child today: http://bit.ly/29kwWgj

YouTube Video

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