Renew your support today

Without your support, the outlook for vulnerable children would be bleak. But with your gift today...

*A child orphaned by natural disaster or tragedy will be welcomed into a safe community and loving home.
*A child will receive not only short-term emergency help, but also care for as long as they need it.
*A vulnerable family will receive the guidance they need time to build a stronger future for their children.

We need your help to be there for children and families who depend on us.

Today, we invite you to renew your support and make a life-saving difference in the life of a child.


Your tax-deductible gift to SOS Children’s Villages USA today provides children with: 

  1. Emergency relief in crisis situations
  2. Critical medical supplies
  3. Healthy meals and clean water
  4. Vital psychotherapy support
  5. Quality education and resources for distance learning

Established in 1949, SOS Children’s Villages is the world’s largest organization focused on ensuring that children and young people without parental care—or who are at risk of losing it—grow up with the care, relationships and support they need to become their strongest selves. Your donation helps children and families in 138 countries and territories around the world.

SOS Children’s Villages - USA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN Tax ID # 13-6188433). It is the U.S. headquarters of SOS Children’s Villages International.
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