Why give?

Children are far more likely to attend school if they have a clean, safe learning environment. Running water, private toilets and handwashing facilities have a major, positive impact on children’s health, education and overall well-being.

Many schools in Ethiopia don’t have running water, adequate sanitation or hygiene services—causing children to become seriously ill from communicable water-borne diseases and contributing to already-high drop-out rates. Latrines are essential for making sure schools are safe and accessible for girls, especially adolescents.


EduCare: empowering people to thrive

Since 2014, children in Ethiopia have benefited from SOS Children’s Villages’ highly impactful EduCare program: an initiative that reduces school drop-out rates through the holistic support of children, caregivers and communities.

Recently, we identified two EduCare partner schools coping with high absentee and drop-out rates. Access to clean water and sanitation are critical for keeping students healthy and in school. You can bring children the safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities they need.

How your support will make a difference

Your generosity will help develop Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) infrastructure in two critically underserved schools in Debre Tabor, Ethiopia—bringing clean, running water and basic hygiene to more than 40,000 students over the next two decades.

Help us raise $50,000 before the next school year starts! Your generous donation will provide children with:


These vital improvements will:

  • Keep children healthy by reducing disease
  • Increase school attendance and reduce drop-out rates, giving children a more stable education and a brighter future


Gender-segregated latrines to support girls

One of the projects your gift will fund is the building of gender-segregated latrines. Along with the distribution of feminine hygiene products through the EduCare program, gender-segregated latrines enable gender-sensitive sanitation and Safe Menstrual Hygiene Management.

The installation of gender-segregated latrines benefits all students—particularly adolescent girls—by:

  • Increasing safety, privacy and dignity
  • Improving health
  • Promoting regular school attendance
  • Progressing gender equality

These before and after photos show a bathroom built at a nearby school in Ethiopia as part of the EduCare program. Can you help make this possible for children at two more schools?

When you donate, you’ll give children more than clean water; you’ll empower them to pursue their dreams.