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Greece Debt Crisis

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Greek society is facing a major economic crisis that was triggered by the global financial crisis of 2008 and made worse by reforms that have increased taxes and cut social services. Now at around 25 percent, the unemployment rate in Greece—the highest in all of Europe—has left jobless parents unable to provide basic necessities to their children.

How Greece's Debt Crisis Affect Children.

The number of children in Greece who live in poverty has risen from 23 percent in 2008 to 40.5 percent—also the highest in Europe (UNICEF). Schools across the country have been reporting alarming numbers of children who have been forced to drop out or arrive to school with nothing to eat.

SOS Children’s Villages Impact

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Active in Greece since 1975, SOS Children's Villages currently run seven social centers where our trained staff of social workers, psychologists and educators provides immediate and long-term support to 1,150 vulnerable families, including 2,260 children. In the past five years, we’ve reached 4,500 families through our critical services.

Psychological Support

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Psychological support for parents and children.

Food and Clothing

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Provision of material goods such as food and clothing.


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Educational assistance for children.

Referral Services

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Referral services for families with issues related to medical care, legal concerns or social services

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