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Syrian Crisis

The Situation in Brief

What You Need to Know

Approaching it's eighth year, the Syrian civil war has created a widespread and dire humanitarian crisis for 13.5 million people inside the country, including 5.8 million children. The ongoing violence and destruction have led to an acute shortage of food, drinkable water and medical supplies.

Millions of Syrian children and their families have also fled the country, seeking refuge in neighboring countries and across Europe.

How the War Impacts Children

The war has exacted a severe psychological and physical toll on millions of Syrian children. They have seen their childhoods vanish and their families killed. For orphaned children, life is even more difficult as they try to survive on their own or with their vulnerable, bereaved families.


How you help support children and families
on the front-lines of the Syrian war.

children inside Syria need humanitarian aid
Syrian children do not go to school
children have fled Syria and live as refugees
of Syrian children have grown up knowing only war

SOS Children’s Villages Impact

How Supporters like You Are Making a Difference

Begun in early 2012, the SOS Emergency Response Program in Syria focuses on making sure every child can still grow up in a loving, stable family. We do this, through the help of our supporters, by strengthening vulnerable families and providing children who have lost their families with temporary and long-term care.

Loving, Stable Families for Vulnerable Children

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Since 1981, children who lost the care of their families have always had a safe, loving home at the SOS Village located near Damascus. Today, there are about 200 children growing up at this SOS Village, where each child is raised in a loving family headed by an SOS Mother, a trained and devoted caregiver. SOS used to operate an SOS Village in Aleppo but had to evacuate the children and staff to Damascus in 2012 due to the threat posed by intensified fighting.

Safe Shelter for Unaccompanied Children

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Due to the chaos and violence of the war, many thousands of children end up alone — either temporarily separated from their families or orphaned. SOS Children’s Villages operates two interim care centers in Syria, where these vulnerable children are cared for until they are reunited with their families or placed in permanent care, including at an SOS Village. Since 2014, SOS and its supporters have helped care for nearly 500 children at these centers, including more than 200 children who were reunited with their families.

Fun, Safe Childcare Centers

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With thousands of schools destroyed in Syria, millions of children have nothing to do during the day. At SOS Childcare Centers, we provide children with informal education and recreational activities, including face painting, sports and music classes. At the centers, children who have suffered trauma are provided with counseling and psychological support by trained professionals. Furthermore, the parents of these children have a free and safe place to send their children during the day while they go out and earn money so that they can support their families.

Nutritious Food, Clean Water and Warm Clothes

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More than 6 million people in Syria have been displaced within the country since the war began in 2011. These families often leave everything behind and find themselves living in miserable conditions, sometimes outdoors, without basic essentials such as food, drinkable water and clothes. Thanks to our supporters, we have been able to provide daily meals to thousands of vulnerable children and their families near Aleppo. We also operate our own water storage containers in Aleppo — which has faced significant water shortages — where we serve more than 1,000 families with clean, drinking water every day. In winter, when conditions become even harsher for these vulnerable families, we have provided winter jackets, blankets and other supplies to help children and their families survive the cold.

Help Syrian Children

A Loving Home For Syria's Children

In October 2017, SOS Children’s Villages Syria opened a second SOS Village in Damascus to address the need for additional care in the war-torn country.

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Thanks to generous people like you, we have been able to change the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable children and families in Syria.


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