African Recipes

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The cuisines of Africa are as diverse as the hundreds of different cultural and ethnic groups that call Africa home.

Traditionally, African cuisines use a combination of locally grown fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, meats, and milk products (although milk products, in general, are not as important in African cooking). African cuisine can be broken down largely into styles from Central Africa, East Africa, the Horn of Africa, North Africa, South Africa, and West Africa.

We hope you enjoy our recipes from Africa, and we encourage you to go out and try all the different regional styles!

Below, browse the latest recipes from our SOS families in Africa!

  • D-I-Y: Host Your Own Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

    Coffee plays a central role in many cultures around the world. In Ethiopia, a coffee ceremony is considered an offer of friendship and a mainstay in Ethiopian hospitality. It is a fun and interesting take on coffee. Click here to learn more about coffee ceremonies...
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    Moroccan Chicken Tagine

    This stew is warm, hearty, and only takes fifteen minutes of prep time. The Moroccan spices give it an extra depth of flavor that kicks this tagine to the next level! Click here for our tagine recipe...
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    South African Bobotie

    A South African dish, bobtie is made with spiced meat and a delicious egg topping. It is healthy and is a great dish for large groups of people! Click here for our bobotie recipe...
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    Peanut Stew

    Popular all over Africa, this peanut stew takes inspiration from Ghana, Senegal, and Kenya. Hearty and easy to make, this is great for peanut butter fanatics and spice enthusiasts alike. Find out more about our peanut stew...
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    Benne Wafers

    A traditional African cookie, these benne wafers are popular in Nigeria [although they are also popular in the USA]. Crispy, nutty, and ridiculously easy to make, these cookies are perfect as quick weekday snacks! Click here for our benne recipe...
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    Goat Stew

    This delicious and hearty stew comes from Nigeria, where goat is a staple meat. Try it today! Click here for our Nigerian goat stew...
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    Injera is a flatbread with a unique, spongy texture. Made with teff flour, injera is a national dish in Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is traditionally eaten with different kinds of stews, and serves as a utensil for the meal. Click here for our injera recipe...
  • Al Kabsa

    Al Kabsa

    Al Kabsa is a rice dish which is traditionally made in Saudi Arabia, although it is loved throughout the Middle East. Made from chicken, basmati rice, and a variety of spices, Al Kabsa is a hearty and filling dish. Click here for our Al Kabsa...
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    Lamb Kefta

    Kefta, also known as Kofta, is traditionally made of beef, lamb or chicken and is mixed with spices and onions. Kefta is popular across the Middle East and Asia, in places like Morocco, Iran, Pakistan and India. Click here for our lamb kefta...
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    Misir Wot

    Wot is an Ethiopian stew that is often prepared with chicken, beef, and lamb. This version features red lentils, making this wot an easy vegetarian option. Made with berbere, a spice mixture, this dish is as flavorful as it is beautiful. Click here for our misir wot...