Bedtime Story: The Cap Seller
INDIA – April 30 2021

Bedtime Story: The Cap Seller

As told by Valencia, an SOS mother from the SOS village in Shillong, India and illustrated by Lucia Pinto.

Read this fun bedtime story with a special child in your life. Told by Valencia, an SOS mother from SOS India, this story is soon to become a family favorite!

Long ago, there was a cap seller who sold caps: blue caps, red caps, green caps, caps of all colors and sizes. One day, the cap seller was very tired and upset because he had spent many hours trying to sell caps to the townspeople, but not a single townsperson wanted to buy a hat that day.

After a long day's work, the cap seller decided to sit under a big tree to take a nap before walking home. Soon, the cap seller dozed off. All the while, several monkeys were watching the cap seller intently from up in the tree.

Once the monkeys saw that the cap seller had fallen asleep, the mischievous monkeys came down from the tree and took the caps from the cap seller, putting them on their heasd!

When the cap seller woke up, he saw that the monkeys had stolen his caps. The cap seller was very shocked. "How am I going to retrieve my caps?" the cap seller wondered to himself. Then suddenly, the cap seller had a great idea! He would throw his hat on the ground and then maybe the monkeys, always eager to mimic a person's every move, would throw their hats down to the ground, too.

The cap seller's plan worked perfectly! As soon as he threw his hat, the monkeys mimicked the cap seller and threw their hats on the ground, too.



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