INDONESIA – July 2 2020

Former SOS child treats COVID-19 in Indonesia

Andi Supriyanto, 24, grew up at SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia (Jakarta). Today, he is a nurse on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I work at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta where we’ve opened three new special wards for patients suspected of having COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. I can see this virus is spreading fast and affecting many people. Those at risk of being infected include patients with lung cancer and nasopharynx cancer, people suffering from respiratory illnesses and those in their old age.

Andi caring for a patient

“I treat and take care of patients with COVID-19. I help feed them, check their vital signs and give them medicine. I use personal protective equipment and wash my hands often to prevent spreading or contracting the virus. I try to eat healthy and drink water. I also keep up to date on the pandemic by reading the newspaper and social media. I feel great when I see the patients’ positive spirits as they get better and are allowed to return to their families.

“I am scared of spreading viruses and bacteria from hospital even if we take necessary precautions with personal protective equipment. Although we receive a lot of PPE through donations, I’m concerned that in rural areas our colleagues cannot receive good personal protective equipment because of limited access to the area and funds.

Although it is a tiring job, I am committed to being a nurse. Before the outbreak, we were already aware of the dangers of bacteria and infectious viruses. We continue to work whole-heartedly to serve patients during the outbreak. As a nurse, you learn something new every day and touch many lives. You take care of people with biological, physical, psychological and social needs. You are not only taking care of the patients but also their families. I do love this job. It is more than a profession because I want to improve people’s quality of life. I want to give my life to help others in need and continue to reach out to more people.”

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