Youth employability – January 31 2019

King of Spain praises youth employment efforts

King Felipe VI of Spain recognizes Deutsche Post DHL Group for its long-time support of SOS Children’s Villages’ efforts to empower youth.

SOS Children’s Villages’ partner in the GoTeach youth employability program has won recognition for its work to strengthen the skills and employability of young people globally.

King Felipe VI of Spain today presented Deutsche Post DHL Group with the CODESPA Award in the category of “Solidarity Enterprise” for its GoTeach partnership with the SOS Children’s Villages. The CODESPA Foundation is a Spanish, non-profit organization focusing on international development cooperation.

“I would like to thank King Felipe and the CODESPA Foundation for recognizing the fruitful cooperation between Deutsche Post DHL Group and SOS Children’s Villages,” said Gitta Trauernicht, Vice President of SOS Children’s Villages International, who was present at the award ceremony in Madrid.

“SOS Children’s Villages supports children and young people without parental care on every step of their journey to independence, and we are grateful for Deutsche Post DHL Group’s support,” Ms Trauernicht said. “Through GoTeach, we have combined our strengths, skills and experience to empower young people as they embark on their careers and become self-reliant.”

Ruben Gavela, Managing Director for DHL Freight in Spain, praised the partnership that led to the award.

"This prestigious award recognizes the strong and successful collaboration we have had with SOS Children’s Villages for many years," Mr Gavela said. "The GoTeach program has proven that it can strengthen the employability skills and provide career opportunities for the young people from disadvantaged environments in more than 40 countries.”

Sustainable Development Goals

King Felipe VI said the CODESPA award recognized “organizations and professionals that stand out for their strong social commitment.”

Referring to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development during the awards ceremony, the King said the 2030 Agenda “is a reminder for us of the objectives of sustainable development to eradicate poverty and favor sustainable development and equality. Among its main pillars are partnerships and people. In order to face the enormous social challenges that we face, we need a solid alliance between all the actors of society."

Since 2010, SOS Children’s Villages and Deutsche Post DHL Group have worked together to strengthen young people’s employability. GoTeach provides opportunities for young participants to develop their career skills, get internships and be mentored by professionals as they transition from education to employment. SOS Children’s Villages and Deutsche Post DHL Group work together in more than 40 countries.

The global logistics and mail company’s employees who participate in GoTeach share their time and knowledge with young people at the start of their careers. Young people who have lost or at risk of losing parental care often lack access to the information, networks and support that their peers have, so this commitment can guide them as they take their first steps towards a career. These mentorships – and the opportunity they provide – are what makes GoTeach stand out.

Keeper Bonase participated in the SOS Children's Villages GoTeach program in South Africa. Photo by Denvor De Wee. TOP PHOTO: King Felipe VII [pictured center, front row] said the CODESPA award recognizes “organizations and professionals that stand out for their strong social commitment.” Photo: Deutsche Post DHL Group


Keeper Bonase, Administrator at DHL Global Forwarding and Freight in South Africa, grew up at the SOS Village in Cape Town. He is a graduate of the GoTeach program and is now mentoring other young people. His GoTeach mentor was Nisa Ebrahim, Product Head for Risk Management & Cargo Insurance for DHL Global Forwarding and Freight.

“Nisa has been my mentor since 2012. The GoTeach program brought us together. In the meantime I have completed my apprenticeship and now have a permanent position at DHL in South Africa. Today I’m helping young people from the SOS Children’s Village where I come from.”

Creating a future of opportunity

Building on the success of GoTeach, SOS Children’s Villages and Deutsche Post DHL Group have together developed YouthCan! to increase youth employability. Through the YouthCan! initiative and its global partners, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds have the opportunity to learn skills and experience to help them kick-start their careers.

More than 70 million young people worldwide are unemployed. Many more do not earn enough to have a stable, independent life. With youth employability a global challenge, solutions such as YouthCan! are key for ensuring young people who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care can build the foundations necessary for a bright future.

Royal family award for SOS Children’s Villages

On October 21, 2016, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain honored SOS Children’s Villages with the prestigious Princess of Asturias Award for Concord in recognition of its work in favor of vulnerable children.


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