India – July 31 2019

Monsoons, cyclones and floods: Protecting children in India

Emergency preparedness for extreme weather

The safety of the children in our care is our top priority. SOS Children’s Villages India is carefully preparing to ensure that they’re ready to face monsoons—and any emergency.

Cyclone Fani was the strongest tropical storm to batter India’s shores in two decades. It struck the eastern coast on May 3, 2019, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Cyclone Fani’s effects are still being felt strongly. Worse still, the heavy rains of the monsoon season (June - September) are now in full swing, increasing the potential for dangerous flooding in many regions.

That's why SOS India works hard to ensure that it is ready to face any emergency. We have 37 villages across India, and we work tirelessly to keep all of the children safe.

As Cyclone Fani approached, SOS India’s team took emergency measures to prepare by stocking food, water, first-aid kits and flashlights so all our villages could weather the storm. SOS India also circulated emergency numbers and information to the broader community to help others be prepared for the cyclone.

Despite all the preparation, the effects of the cyclone were still devastating to vulnerable children and families in India. And while we responded quickly to distribute lifesaving aid and set up relief camps to serve more than 1,000 families in the aftermath, many more remained homeless and lost.  

SOS India will continue to help families who need long-term support to recover from the storm by building new homes and livelihoods. But without you by our side, there are more children who may never have the chance to fully recover from emergencies like Cyclone Fani.

Last year, monsoons caused devastating floods in southern India. But with your help, this year we will be ready to reach out and rebuild communities around our villages that need our support.

Your action today can make a real difference. Will you sponsor a child in India to ensure they have the care and support they need to weather any storm? 

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