3 April 2014

All SOS facilities in Guinea clear of Ebola, monitoring outbreak

03/26/2014 - An Ebola outbreak in Guinea (located in western Africa) has infected an estimated 127 people and caused 83 deaths.

Health officials are alarmed at the spread of the virus and SOS Children’s Villages is taking measures to ensure that people in its Villages and facilities which are at-risk remain free of the virus. 
The first reports of the Ebola disease occurred in the southern region of Guinea. There is no vaccine or treatment for Ebola.
SOS Children’s Villages has a large presence in Guinea, with: 
- 3 SOS Children's Villages
- 3 SOS Youth Facilities
- 3 SOS Kindergartens
- 6 SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools 
- 4 SOS Social Centers
"The situation is worrying," Oumou Diané, Director of SOS Children's Villages in Guinea, said. 

"Our SOS Children's Villages and programs are not affected and we have not heard of Ebola cases in the neighborhoods. However, we have taken precautions. The village director and nursing staff are educating the children and other staff members about the disease.” 
In two of Guinea’s neighboring countries – Liberia and Sierra Leone – there are multiple suspected cases of Ebola and some deaths attributed to the virus, though none confirmed. 
To prevent the spread of the virus in each country, SOS is striving to raise awareness of transmission risks and symptoms.

SOS has mandated the use of protective clothing in all clinics and is carefully monitoring for symptoms of Ebola in our children, mothers and staff. SOS Children’s Villages is collaborating with local officials to offer support and create prevention strategies.   
The government in Guinea says its fight against the Ebola virus is progressing. 
This is an on-going situation. We will provide more updates when available. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.