16 June 2009

"Billy Elliot" Scores at Tony Awards

06/08/09 - The Broadway musical “Billy Elliot” won best musical and nine other awards at the 63rd annual Tony Awards on June 7th  in New York City. The wildly popular production, whose score is composed by Elton John, is based on the film by the same name. The musical originally opened in London and has played to great acclaim around the world.

The musical tells the tale of a motherless 11-year-old boy in 1980s England. Without telling his working-class father, Billy abandons his boxing classes for ballet, his real passion. The story unfolds against the backdrop of a violent coal miners’ strike that pits Billy’s father and brother against the police. In the absence of his mother, his ballet teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson, nurtures his talent, steering him to his life’s work.

SOS Children’s Villages Provides Loving Mothers to Children Across the Globe

Financial, political, and social pressures prevented Billy Elliot’s father from providing the support the boy needed to pursue his dreams of being a dancer.  After much struggle, Billy finds a way out of the coal town into a better life.  But for most poor, motherless children around the world, options are very limited.

Fortunately, SOS Children’s Villages, the world’s largest charity devoted to providing loving homes to orphaned and abandoned children, is in 132 countries to help.

60th Anniversary for SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages was founded in Austria in 1949 and quickly spread to every continent. The SOS child care model is based on the principle that in order to thrive, children need a loving mother, siblings, a stable home, and a supportive community. SOS trains local women to care for up to ten children in specially built houses that are part of an SOS Village. SOS mothers cultivate each child’s special skills and talents, giving the Billy Elliots of the world a shot at a bright future.

Besides providing security to vulnerable children from troubled backgrounds, SOS operates schools, vocational training centers, and clinics in support of children in the SOS Village and the local community. SOS also runs family strengthening programs to enable families to remain intact. During war and natural disasters, SOS Children’s Villages distributes emergency relief to needy families in and around the regions in which it is based.

If you would like to help a child secure a warm home, a full stomach, and the ability to follow his dream, consider sponsoring an SOS child.