20 July 2009

Blasts Hit Two Popular Hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia

Bombs struck the JW Marriott hotel and nearby Ritz-Carlton on Friday morning, July 17th, killing eight and wounding dozens of others in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Both hotels are frequented by foreign business travellers. The blasts were set off by suicide bombers who were staying at the hotels.  They assembled the bombs in a room on the Marriott’s eighteenth floor, despite tight security.

Eight Americans were among those wounded.

Although it is too early to determine what group was behind the incident, Indonesians suspect Jemaah Islamiyah. The al-Qaeda-linked terrorist network is connected to a 2003 attack on the same Marriott hotel, as well as to the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings that killed more than 200 people.

SOS Children’s Villages Provides Safety for Indonesian Children at Times of Unrest

The attacks on the two luxury hotels in Jakarta have shaken the administration of the nation’s recently re-elected president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The stability his presidency has brought to Indonesia has contributed to Indonesia’s economic growth. He has also been credited for cracking down on Islamic terrorists.


Stability is important to citizens of a country that has been wracked by terrorism, civil war, and natural disasters, including the 2004 tsunami. Unrest and poverty often breed unstable families who cannot properly care for their children. When this happens, SOS Children’s Villages steps in to help—in Indonesia and 131 other countries.


SOS an Oasis for Children and Families in Need

SOS Children’s Villages, a worldwide charity that offers family-based care to orphaned and abandoned children, has been in Indonesia for almost forty years. SOS runs eight Children’s Villages across the archipelago-nation. The organization provides needy children with loving SOS mothers, secure homes, and a nurturing environment that allows them to become independent, productive adults. 
SOS also operates schools and clinics for local populations, and emergency relief programs for children and families affected by violence and natural disasters.

If you would like to give an Indonesian child a secure home, an education, and a chance to have a happy life, consider sponsoring an SOS child in Indonesia.