10 October 2013

Capital of Senegal without Water - SOS Families Affected

10/9/2013: A  main pipe from the central water treatment plant of Keur Momar Sarr, the plant  supplying water to most of Dakar, Senegal, burst earlier this month leaving half of the population  without water.

Although temporary pumps have been installed throughout the city, many residents haven’t had access to running tap water for more than two weeks and fixing the burst pipe could take many more.

According to  the SOS Children’s Villages Director in Dakar, "The  situation is serious and the consequences of this lack of water, if it persists, could be disastrous. How can we live in this Village with so many children without water? Our water reserve lasted only two days [the Village has a large water tank ].”

Water Shortage Keeps SOS Children’s Villages on Edge

Rama, an SOS Mother who has had to collect water from a local tank, was shocked by the lack of running water. "Since I’ve lived in Senegal, this is the first time that such a situation has occurred. Here in the Village, we have always been able to face short-term water shortages, meeting the needs of our children thanks to the Village's water tank."

When the water shortage was announced, SOS Children’s Villages management in Dakar immediately contacted local authorities to set up a temporary response to the crisis. Every two to three days, a municipal tank  delivers water to the Villages, but it is only enough to meet the most basic needs of the SOS families. However, everyone in the Village recognizes that their situation is much better than the alternative of going without water entirely.

We are doing everything possible to get additional water to the families of SOS Villages Dakar, but there has been no word from the Senegalese government on when the primary water pipe will be fixed. For more information about our programs in Senegal, please click here.