East Africa Famine

SOS Children's Villages Responds to Crisis Affecting African Children and Families Affected by Drought and Hunger in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya
East Africa Map - SOS Children's Villages - Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya
In East Africa, SOS operates 13 Children’s Villages and more are planned. Click to enlarge

Over the past 40 years, the staff of SOS Children’s Villages have worked tirelessly in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. Through droughts, feuding warlords, stray bullets and hunger SOS has maintained its presence in East Africa when many relief organizations were forced to leave. Our focus on helping children -- the defenseless victims of these tragedies -- regardless of politics or religion has allowed us to continue to serve those in greatest need.

During this current crisis, SOS has helped save lives and improve living conditions for approximately 90,000 of the worst-affected victims of the on-going famine.

Approximately 25,000 people are being treated by SOS medical staff across southern Somalia. SOS teams continue to provide medical services, food and water in addition to a variety of family strengthening initiatives to those in greatest need. The challenge now is to address the problem where it is most acute; southern Somalia where 345,000 children remain malnourished. 

How you can help:

Sponsor a child or village in East Africa and help to secure the future for a boy or girl.

Make a donation to SOS Children's Villages so that we can continue to provide assistance to the victims of these conditions throughout the world.


  • $76 can provide a 1.5 month supply of therapeutic nutritional products to nurse a severely malnourished child back to health
  • $64 can buy a monthly supply of (culturally appropriate) food for a family of six
  • $300 a month can help up to four mothers a day to give birth under the professional care of a trained midwife
  • $1500 can pay the monthly salary of a pediatrician, $2000 can pay the monthly salary of an obstetrician / gynecologist



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A short video highlighting the dramatic need for assistance in drought-stricken areas. In Ethiopia, Kenya, and war torn Somalia, SOS Children's Villages is providing children and families with medical care and food.

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