Greek Economic Crisis

Greece Map
SOS is opening up village sponsorships in Greece at the SOS Children's Villages of Plagiari and Athens. Click to enlarge.

Much like the Greek population, SOS Children's Villages in Greece are now facing new problems due to the growing economic crisis in the country. Increasingly, parents are trying to hand over their children to the SOS Children's Villages because they can no longer afford to care for them.

In first 12 months of the crisis, over 1,000 desperate inquiries were submitted. SOS has responded with increased engagement through SOS Family Strengthening Programs, which support families in need. At the same time, the Greek government has sharply increased taxes, something that has also hit the aid organizations very strongly.

Now, the Jaharis Family Foundation has challenged supporters and friends of SOS with a Challenge Gift to help fight poverty and hunger in Greece.The Directors of the Jaharis Family Foundation hope this gift will inspire others to give to Greece, and will multiply the impact of the Challenge Gift.  Click here to give to Greece!