Haiti, 3 Years On

After Disaster SOS Children’s Villages Invests in Rebuilding Haiti


SOS Children's Villages
A map of SOS Children's Villages activity and programs in Haiti. Click to enlarge.
SOS Children’s Villages has been operating in Haiti for over thirty years, giving the children and families of the impoverished nation the resources they need to build strong communities. At present there are two SOS Villages in Haiti, three SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools, one SOS Vocational Training Center, a community school, and twenty six community centers, among other projects.


Starting in December of 2012, SOS began building a new Village for up to 135 children as well as a family support program in Les Cayes, which will include three community centers for the families of the city. Additionally, a new SOS Hermann Gmeiner School is being built for up to 500 students in Les Cayes.

Watch a video on community development in Haiti.

After the 2010 earthquake, SOS set up food distribution points to provide tens of thousands of children with food, gave medical care where needed and provided shelter to unaccompanied children. Just when things were starting to get better and Haitian communities were getting back on their feet, Hurricane Sandy struck in November of 2012, hitting Haiti with another natural disaster and creating even more setbacks.

Now over one million Haitians are in need of humanitarian aid, and one hundred and forty four million dollars is required to meet their most urgent needs.  Over 350,000 people remain in IDP camps, unable to go back to their homes and communities because those homes and communities have been destroyed by natural disaster. Another 100,000 face a cholera epidemic over the coming year.

To find out more about the needs of the Haitian people, download the December 2012 OCHA Bulletin on Haiti.

SOS is doing what it can to help the children and people of Haiti, by building schools, villages and community centers that allow Haitians to rebuild their communities and their lives. But we need your help to ensure that children and families in Haiti get the aid they need for basic supplies like food, medicine and shelter.

How you can help:

Make a donation to help SOS Children’s Villages continue building schools, social centers and training programs that will allow the Haitian people to rebuild their country.

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