31 July 2009

Health Care Concerns in the U.S. and Worldwide

July 30, 2009: As the debate wages over healthcare reform in the United States, Congress considers how to help the millions of uninsured Americans get the medical help they need. This past spring President Obama signed the Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act which provides insurance to 11 million children in need. However, when faced with an overhaul versus slight amending of the healthcare system - Congress, President Obama and the American people face a much more arduous task.

The goal of the current reform movement focuses on passing comprehensive health reform. Obama believes reform is necessary that provides quality affordable healthcare coverage to all Americans and controls the costs of the care.  The economic recession adds a nuance of urgency to the debate.

The solution to the problem of uninsured Americans is not clear, and proposals for helping continue to be debated by Democrats and Republicans as well as faction groups such as the Blue Dog Democrats.


medical care at SOS
A child gets medical attention at an SOS Medical Center.
While the media spotlight focuses on the healthcare crisis in the United States, developing nations struggle to provide healthcare to their citizens. In addition to providing safe, secure and loving homes to children worldwide, SOS Children’s Villages builds and operates dozens of Medical Centers to supply quality healthcare to the children and local communities. Due to rocketing food prices in many developing countries, people struggle to have enough to eat and health care often falls to the wayside.


SOS Children’s Villages strives to provide a family and a loving environment for orphaned, abandoned and foster children. In addition to receiving a loving family, SOS endeavors to give villages Medical Centers that provide vital health assistance to communities in need.  As SOS Children’s Villages sees providing medical care worldwide as a moral imperative, Congress attempts to do the same for the United States.

To ensure that an orphaned child receives the necessary medical care, sponsor an SOS child today.