20 July 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Discusses “Green” Policies with Indian Prime Minister

Last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi, within miles of the SOS Children's Village in Faridabad. She also met with the Minister of Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh to discuss climate change and emission standards.

Secretary Clinton seeks a stronger bond between the two nations and to inspire India to reduce harmful green house gas emissions, a side effect increasing due to rapid economic growth.
Minister Ramesh harshly opposes any limits on India’s industrial sector, viewing the proposed emission limits as a potential stifling agent to the economy.  As the two nations reach a standstill in their “green” discussions, other segments of society also find themselves at a crossroads in terms of energy conservation.

SOS India Partners with Coca-Cola


children from SOS Children's Villages - India
Children greatly benefit from the partnership between Coca-Cola and SOS Children's Villages


In order to combat water conservation concerns, SOS India has partnered with Coca-Cola for Rain Water Harvesting projects, making great strides towards creating sustainable water resources.
Through these projects, SOS Children’s Villages and Coca-Cola seek to convert rain water into suitable drinking water for India’s population. 

SOS Children’s Villages holds an important stake in the project having committed itself to caring for orphans in India and around the globe. 

India's Orphan Population Over 11 Million

Numbering over 11 million, India’s orphan population is significantly larger than the population of New York City. This staggering statistic helps to highlight the seemingly insurmountable task of caring for India’s forsaken children.

SOS Children’s Villages commits itself to providing loving homes to children around the world and to help make the world a better place through socially-minded projects such as Rain Water Harvesting. 

To help a child in India grow up in a loving home with a good education, please sponsor a child in India.