6 April 2017

In The Blind Spot: Documenting the Situation of Children Without Parental Care or At Risk of Losing It [Report]

One in 10 children has lost their parental care or is at risk of losing it, according to a recent report by SOS Children's Villages.

SOS Children’s Villages estimates that 220 million children – every 10th child - live without parental care or are at risk of losing it. The international nonprofit has been providing alternative care for children since 1949, and now reach nearly 2.3 million people across 134 countries with care, education, health services and emergency response. 

In 2009, the UN General Assembly adopted the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, with the basic rationale that “Every child and young person should live in a supportive, protective and caring environment that promotes his/her full potential. Children with inadequate or no parental care are at special risk of being denied such a nurturing environment.” Early experiences and the environments in which children develop during their earliest years can have a lasting impact on their lives, and the more risks they are subjected to, the higher is the negative impact on their development.."

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