30 April 2014

Lugansk, Ukraine: Unrest Affecting SOS Children´s Village

Fresh episodes of separatist unrest have been reported this morning in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk, where SOS Children’s Villages has a presence. SOS children, co-workers and families are staying at home for safety, until further notice.
04/30/14 - In an echo of recent developments in other eastern regions of the Ukraine, armed men have occupied a building of the regional administration and a police station. The BBC reported that assault rifle shots were fired and stun grenades were used to force surrender. Russian flags have been raised.
All SOS children and co-workers – as well as families in the SOS Children´s Villages Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) – are reported as safe at this time.
SOS Children’s Villages in Lugansk has decided that the SOS school children will not go to school, and will stay with their SOS parents at home, until further notice. If the situation worsens a decision to evacuate may be taken. We will keep you updated on any breaking developments in the situation as it concerns the SOS children, parents and co-workers in Lugansk. 
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