Mother and child in the SOS family strengthening programme, Ethiopa
East Africa – 8 November 2017

East Africa: millions face famine

Nearly 20 million people in East Africa are facing severe food shortages due to ongoing drought in the region and armed conflict hampering the delivery of urgently needed food and humanitarian supplies.

The situation is looking increasingly desperate for more than one million children across the region who are suffering from acute malnutrition – exacerbated by a poor harvest this season in South Sudan.

A three-year drought in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya has left the land barren, the livestock depleted and the people in urgent need of nutritional support. This is the first time a famine has been declared in the area since 2010, when hundreds of thousands of people died of starvation.

SOS Children’s Villages – delivering essential supplies

SOSUK’s partners on the ground have been providing emergency support to thousands of people affected by conflict and drought since July 2016. Our emergency relief programmes in East Africa are focusing on providing food supplies, child protection and nutritional support across the region to the thousands of children and families who have been displaced by conflict and affected by severe food shortages.

We are working with local agencies and international partners to deliver life-saving assistance and helping families to improve their livelihoods, while our medical centres are treating hundreds of sick and malnourished children.


We need your help to continue delivering essential emergency relief to those who need it most. You can help SOSUK save hundreds of children’s lives by donating as little as £10 to our emergency relief fund. Please make a donation today.