6 July 2009

Obama In Moscow to Bolster U.S. - Russian Ties

07/06/09 - President Obama arrived in Moscow on July 6th for two days of talks with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. Both nations are seeking to smooth relations, which have been strained for many years.

The two leaders will negotiate the principles of an accord to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which expires in December. On July 7th, President Obama will meet with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin over breakfast. Putin, who handpicked Medvedev as the successor to his presidency, is widely viewed as Russia’s most powerful leader. 

The summit meeting comes at a time when Russia is showing willingness to cooperate with the United States on several fronts. For example, Russia is permitting the U.S. military to fly Afghanistan-bound troops and weapons over its territory.

SOS Children’s Villages Helps Russian Children and Families

While meeting at the Kremlin, Mr. Obama said that “on a whole host of issues--including security issues, economic issues, energy issues, environmental issues--the United States and Russia have more in common than they have differences, and that if we work hard during these next few days, we can make extraordinary progress that will benefit the people of both countries.”

Russian boy
Russian boy benefitting from SOS programs.  Sponsor an SOS Child in Russia
Humanitarian endeavors are the clearest way of showing goodwill toward a nation’s people. SOS Children’s Villages, a charity that provides homes for orphaned and abandoned children in 132 countries, has been operating in Russia since 1995. The organization runs four SOS Children’s Villages—in Moscow, Orjot, Pushkin, and Kandalaksha. Two new SOS Children's Villages, in Pskov and in Vologda, are under construction.

SOS Children's Villages operate on the beliefs that every child deserves a loving mother, a warm and stable home, and a supportive community.

SOS Offers Family Strengthening Programs in Russia

Besides providing secure homes for vulnerable children, SOS also aims to keep families intact through its family strengthening programs, introduced to Russia in 2006. One program, in Murmansk, targets mothers who are young, have many children, or suffer from domestic violence. Another one, in St. Petersburg, focuses on children whose parents are alcoholics or HIV-infected, and children from single-parent families. By offering parenting workshops and access to social and health counseling, SOS works to ensure that at-risk parents are able to offer stable, loving homes that allow them to retain their children.  

If you would like to help a Russian child in need find a bright future, consider sponsoring an SOS child.