25 June 2014

Floods Cause SOS Children’s Villages’ Children and Families in Paraguay to Lose Everything

(June 25, 2014) Torrential rains have caused the Paraguay and Parana rivers to overflow their banks, forcing thousands of people to evacuate and causing widespread damage. 


In the capital city of Asunción, staff members from SOS Children’s Villages – Paraguay have discovered that families who participate in our family strengthening programs have lost their homes and personal belongings.



Four of our community centers have been severely affected by the flooding. And many of our families have sought refuge with relatives in higher areas or nearby cities. Children and families who are unable to leave the area are living in temporary shelters. 



SOS Children’s Villages – Paraguay has been in the country since the 1970s and supports Paraguayan children, young people and their families in six different locations. In these locations (Asunción, Belén, Hohenau, Luque, San Ignacio, Panambi), we provide daycare, education, vocational training and medical services.



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