14 July 2009

President Obama and SOS in Ghana

Obama's visit to Ghana draws worldwide attention

07/13/2009 - During President Barack Obama’s one-day visit to Ghana, in western Africa, on July 11th, he urged Africans to take responsibility to address deep-seated problems. “Africa’s future is up to Africans,” he said. In a televised speech given to Ghana’s Parliament in the capital of Accra, he asked his continent-wide audience to take actions to eliminate the corruption, poverty, and disease that plagues much of Africa. 

“No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves…No person wants to live in a society where the rule of law gives way to the rule of brutality and bribery…Africa doesn’t need strongmen. It needs strong institutions,” he said.

Obama, whose father was African, drew large crowds in Ghana, a democracy of 23 million that is viewed by the U.S. government as an African model. He and his family visited the famous Cape Coast Castle, the point from which slaves were once forced onto ships, never to see their homeland again. He also promised that the U.S. would “partner” with Africa to help it secure a better future.

SOS Children’s Villages Helping Vulnerable Children in Ghana for 35 Years

sponsor a girl from Ghana
Girl from Ghana where SOS operates Children's Villages
Securing a better future. That is what SOS Children’s Village has been doing for children in Ghana for years. As the world’s largest charity offering family-based care for orphaned and abandoned children, SOS provides a localized solution for destitute children. In 1974, the first SOS Children’s Villages in Ghana were established in Tema, near Accra.

SOS Children's Villages - Tema

SOS-Tema operates schools and training centers that are also open to local children in need. More than 1,000 neighborhood children attend the SOS kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, the vocational training center, and the SOS International College in Tema.

Students at the college are from all over Africa. They graduate with an internationally recognised baccalaureate and are then able to study at almost any university in the world.

Strengthening Families Strengthens Children

Despite Ghana’s stable government, relative to other African nations, many of its poor families are struggling with poverty and disease. In 2004, SOS began helping broader populations, including those affected by HIV/AIDS. Through its family strengthening program, which aims to keep families intact, SOS supplies basic food, medicine, school fees, and guidance on projects to foster economic independence.

Help a Child in Ghana Gain Independence

Children that grow up in SOS Villages, develop into self-sufficient adults and are encouraged to put efforts into strengthening their local economies.  If you would like to help a child find a warm, loving, and stable home, consider sponsoring an SOS child in Ghana.