SOS in the News

For over 60 years, SOS Children's Villages has been dedicated to raising orphaned, abandoned and foster children worldwide. We now help over 2 million children and families at-risk in 133 countries. SOS can provide a spokersperson to discuss situations affecting children almost anywhere in the world. To request an interview, please contact Lisa Vogt, Director, Communications, at 202-347-7924. The work of SOS Children's Villages has been featured through numerous top-tier television outlets including ABC, CNN, Al Jazeera, AP and FOX. We invite you to view some of our news coverage below which demonstrates our work in Somalia, Haiti, Croatia and the United States.


SOS has provided family-based care and education programs in Haiti for over 30 years. In the days and months immediately following the 7.2 earthquake, SOS was able to rapidly expand these programs.

CNN Español: SOS Responds to Needs
of Children in Haiti
Jan 12, 2012

CNN Español: SOS Protects Children
from Trafficking in Haiti
Jan 25, 2012


Al Jazeera: Many Children Remain
Homeless in Haiti
Jan 12, 2012

ABC News: Haiti One Year Later
SOS Works to Protect Most Vulnerable
Jan 12, 2011


CNN International, Zain Verjee:
The Future for Children in Haiti
Jan 12, 2011

CNN, Christiane Amanpour:
Angelina Jolie on SOS in Haiti
Feb 12, 2010


SOS operates two Children's Villages in Croatia along with youth facilities and an SOS-Kindgergarten.

CNN WorldView: SOS Mothers in Croatia
March 28, 2011