13 March 2014

NBC News features SOS alum's survival story, advice to Syrian kids


3/13/2014: Saye-Maye Cole grew up in an SOS Village in Liberia during two brutal civil wars. Now 34, he is the center of this NBC News piece talking about how the children of Syria are going to be affected by the war that's afflicted the country for so long.
"My advice to the children of Syria going through a civil war? You have to do everything to protect yourself," he writes. "Remember, it is not you that is causing all the problems, it's the politicians and the greedy people who want power. Find books to read. Try to take your mind away from what is going on out there. Just stay out of harm’s way."
We're happy to see that the SOS Village was a refuge for Saye-Maye. His story tells the SOS mission perfectly. "Sometimes childhood is the greatest gift we give," Lynn Croneberger, CEO of SOS Children's Villages, said. 
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