27 August 2014

Protective gear helps SOS fight Ebola in Liberia

Media contact: Stephanie Rendon, 202.470.5182, srendon@sos-usa.org


(8/27/2014) Monrovia, Liberia – In our latest efforts to combat the Ebola virus, SOS Children’s Villages Liberia purchased 100 sets of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The equipment is primarily for use by medical workers at the SOS clinic in Monrovia, Liberia but, on a broader level, it will also help SOS Children’s Villages Liberia increase its effectiveness in the fight against the worst outbreak of the deadly virus.
“All staff members are under obligation to use the PPE materials daily as we interact with the patients during this outbreak of Ebola in Liberia,” said Quendi Appleton, the clinic’s administrator. 
The SOS clinic in Monrovia is still operating on a 24-hour basis, and one of the few medical facilities in the country still open to the public. Liberia’s already struggling health sector has buckled under the strain of the Ebola outbreak with many medical workers infected or not showing up for work out of fear of lack of protection.
The SOS clinic does not treat suspected Ebola patients, but risks to staff interacting with potential Ebola victims remains high. The purchase of the PPE will therefore provide a measure of relief to the medical workers while allowing the clinic to serve more patients. 
Ms. Appleton added: “We are happy to receive these items because with the kind of services that we offer as medical practitioners we need to interact with the patients, but with this current outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia, we can’t interact freely without having to use these appropriate PPE materials.” 
Measures at SOS facilities
According to Ms. Appleton, the following measures have been taken to prevent the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in all SOS facilities:
  • Awareness within the facility of the disease and how to stop its spread
  • Effective use of protective clothing and materials against the Ebola virus 
  • Keeping track of any symptom of Ebola in every SOS facility in Liberia 
  • Collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and other health organizations on needed support and strategies to tackle or combat the virus.
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